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Think of Brooklyn Tech Guy as your own personal “genius” that makes house calls.
Whether it's a single iMac or a robust network of multiple workstations, Brooklyn Tech Guy has got your Mac!

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Reviews & Testimonials

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Wifi Wiz - Sam H.
Peter is amazing. Fast. Courteous. Extremely competent. Before he arrived, we had a horrible time getting a strong wifi signal throughout our apartment in North Park Slope. I attempted to extend the wifi network on my own but had difficulty making two airport expresses and one airport extreme work well together. Peter was extremely fast, reconfigured our wifi, made use of a "bridge" - and we now have full bars everywhere. It's been a game changer. Thank you for the excellent service.

Park Slope finds Mac Guy! - Lillian
What a relief to have someone in the neighborhood who KNOWS Macs and loves what he does. Peter is also the nicest person to deal with and will always be there for support. Totally above and beyond.

Top Rated - Michael K.
Peter Lopez is wonderful. He's immediately responsive, unfailingly helpful, fast, efficient and nice. I now have all the necessities of life in place. I have a great dentist, great car mechanic, and great computer tech guy. I'll never move!