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Knows his stuff!! - Abby S. - 8/15/17
Peter was very professional, prompt and friendly. I strongly recommend him and will definitely use him in the future. This Brooklyn Tech Guy knows his stuff!!!!

He is the best! - Michael M T. - 8/14/17
I could not survive without Peter Lopez. We’re in our fifth year together, an experience that has included installation, troubleshooting, reconnection and all the other problems with which tech savages like me, who can barely figure out how to open a can. He is the best! And may I add that working with him is a joy!

Made my life easier - Lisa M., The Painted Pot - 7/31/17
Peter is an absolute professional! He has made my life easier with his suggestions, fast service and knowledge of a lot of tech products, not just Apple. He installed a new Wifi system in my home and now I have an internet all the time.

Helpful, honest guy - Casey L. - 7/27/17
Peter is really knowledgeable, helpful, honest guy. He gets back to you fast, knows his stuff, and will solve your problem. I used to haul my gear to Tekserve (now closed); this is way better. He gives great advice beforehand to see if there is any “easy” fixes, and info, makes a house call, possibly that day if you call early enough. Great experience.

He’s on my speed-dial now - Happy MacElder - 6/18/17
I’m no computer ignoramus, since my experience goes back to DOS days, but when Apple’s Migration Assistant failed to move my old data to my new computer, I needed help. Peter, the Brooklyn Tech Guy, did everything I could have asked for. He understood the problem, never madam feel embarrassed for my lack of knowledge, explained what he was doing as he went along, gave me advice as to how to order the software I needed. AND he makes house calls! I hope he doesn’t mind being the go-to tech in my life, because he’s on my speed-dial now.

Always a pleasure - James G. - 5/16/17
You will not find a better computer/technology professional. Brooklyn Tech Guy has that rare combination of qualities: superior skill in his trade, a total professional, on time and reliable, excellent at diagnosing the problem and efficiently delivering the solution. In addition to his effectiveness, he is extremely affable and always a pleasure to deal with. You will also learn a few things that will help you to avoid future problems because BTG is genuinely committed to helping his clients.

What a refreshing experience - Wendy S. - 5/13/17
I e-mailed Peter with what I thought was a virus problem. He e-mailed me the next day (Saturday) advising that it was a “browser attack” and gave me easy to understand instructions on how to fix it, along with the necessary internet link. He said if it didn’t work I should contact him again for an appointment… It worked. What a refreshing experience - honesty, competence, and help offered without charging anything. Peter has my trust and I will contact him for future issues, when he will hopefully get some renumeration…

Made it all too easy! - Carlos C. - 4/24/17
Peter was great - punctual, efficient, professional and friendly. He just made it all too easy! I highly recommend!

Prompt and professional - Annette A. - 4/10/17
Peter came to my apartment to fix two problems with my iMac (one a memory leak and the other hardware related). Both were fixed within 30 minutes! He was prompt and professional and he really knows his stuff. Highly recommend.

Peter is great! - Daisy O. - 4/7/17
Peter is great. He resoled at least half a dozen in an hour. Definitely recommended.

A great experience - Brian G. - 3/11/17
I reached out to Peter to help me address wifi issues in my condo. Peter was on time for the appointment, easily understood the issues I was dealing with wifi signal strength throughout the unit, and was very knowledgeable about the most efficient way to use the building’s internet infrastructure (e.g. wired data ports throughout). He worked efficiently, explained everything he was doing, came prepared with extra supplies that were needed (rather than evaluating the issues in one appointment and coming back again at a later appt and charging me twice). When it turned out I needed more extensive wiring done, we connected me with his trusted wiring guy, who was also extremely helpful and did a very good job with the wiring project a few days later. All in all, a great experience and happy to finally resolve my issues after dealing with them for too long. Would recommend Peter and would use him again.

Don’t hesitate to call - Colin M. - 3/7/17
Peter is very approachable and very knowledgeable. We spoke before our appointment and I could tell from that call our MAC would be fixed. Peter explained everything in plain English and fixed the adware problem in no time. He also gave the MAC a cleanup and advised on various back up products. If you have any issues with your apple products then don’t hesitate to give Peter a call. Highly recommend.

Would hire again in a heartbeat - mtadstudio - 2/23/17
Peter was a pleasure to work with. He came on time. Fixed everything I asked for and more and provided great guidance on how to be better equipped moving forward. He was knowledgeable about all aspects of my network, hardware and software. I would hire him again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone.

Honest service - Anna M. - 2/16/17
Responsive and happy to advise me Not to book services with him when I was looking to do something that couldn’t be done on an iPad… I will definitely book with him in the future when I can really use it, knowing I’ll get not just good but honest service.

Solves problems - William G. - 12/8/2016
The Brooklyn Tech Guy is great- fast, professional and most importantly he successfully solves problems. Highly recommended.

Fantastic! - Jen C. - 10/10/2016
The Brooklyn Tech Guy was fantastic, knowledgeable and flexible. I highly recommend. Five stars for Customer Service, Offerings, Quality and Timeliness.

Saved me time, money and stress - Michael C. - 9/1/2016
Peter answered my email promptly and gave a tip about using adware medic to correct a number of problems my computer had recently been displaying. After a few false starts I finally got the adware, now called Malware installed. It quickly scanned my computer and found problems that needed to be deleted. Everything seems to be back to normal. Peter saved me time, money, and stress dealing with repair shops. Extremely grateful for his excellent help. Thank you again Pete.

Calm and smart - Imelda F. - 8/11/2016
Peter was able to fix a somewhat complicated problem I was having between my iMac and my new Roku box. He came on time, the problem took about 1/2 hour and he used the rest of the hour to help me set up the box and explain some of it to me. He even thanked me for having a new kind of problem for him to fix. I especially liked that he gave me an estimate before he came of how long it would take. Peter is calm and smart…everything you would want in a computer guy.

Invaluable! - Julie M. - 7/21/2016
My go-to guy! I have a small virtual business and Peter has been invaluable in helping me on several fronts - assuring my files are securing, diagnosing a sluggish laptop and fighting viruses. I would highly recommend Peter to any business looking for a reliable, timely and understanding tech support.

Damn! This guy is good - R. Bady - 07/20/2016
Damn! This guy is good. Peter came ON TIME (that's a great beginning) and within 30 minutes he solved problems that have been bedeviling me for a year. (I will never be able to get back all the time spent on the phone with apple techs who did not solve my problems.). I was and am impressed. Plus his bedside manner is great. He explained everything as he went along. I am a new client.

Best internet/web discovery of the week! - Kelsey T. - 06/24/2016
For all my fellow computer illiterate friends out there, this guy knows his stuff! The service was flawless and a great investment for updating and fixing my home computer instead of sending it in, which is time and $$$$. I can't recommend him enough for all of your computer needs. It's worth it!
-Also definitely saved me by bringing installation software. We needed to wipe my hard drive and update all of my software. Best internet/web discovery of the week!

We love Peter! - JS - 06/23/2016
Peter supports our company of 15 employees and more computers and he is spectacular. Totally responsive, and appreciated even by the people who aren't computer-friendly. He knows his stuff, knows what he doesn't know and how to find out about it, and is always willing to explore options and make recommendations that are affordable and sound. We love Peter!

Responsive, knowledgeable and kind! - Barbara - 06/15/2016
We have worked with Peter several times to restive throne issues with our Macs - transferring photo libraries, adding memory and resolving back-up issues. Peter has been there for us every time. He is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly - and very fair, to boot! In addition to helping us with our problem of that moment - he has offered further insights and tips that have maximized our appointment time! Always appreciated and a bonus. I highly recommend him!

Peter is my hero - M. Barrish - 06/01/2016
My hard drive died, and then, far worse, my backup failed. It was a sick feeling. As a freelance web developer, my computer is everything. What to do? I called Peter, and he patiently walked me through my options and made recommendations of where to go for help, bearing in mind that every day without my computer was a day of lost hours and agitated clients. It worked out okay in the end -- most of the most important data was recovered. And my clients are still my clients. And Peter... well, Peter is my hero. He doesn't just know his stuff; he knows how to treat people. I feel incredibly lucky to know he's there when trouble strikes.

Effortless! - M.E. - 03/08/2016
Amazing! Made it easy extremely easy for me to understand and was willing to review it until I did. Effortless! He knew all of the answers to all of my questions and showed me as he was executing. Will absolutely recommend!

Brooklyn Tech Guy was excellent. - JRG - 02/24/2016
Peter Lopez (aka Brooklyn Tech Guy) did an excellent job helping me sort out storage and performance problems with my home Mac laptop. I had maxed out the computer's storage with music and photos to the point where the computer stopped working, and I didn't know what to do. I'm so glad I found Peter Lopez. He came to my home and efficiently and effectively diagnosed the problem. He then helped me order the appropriate storage solution (external hard drive) and then helped me set up the drive with iTunes and Photos. He also helped me recover data on a separate hard drive that wasn't working. Peter answered all of my questions, was easy to work with, and his rates were very reasonable for the high level of service. I recommend him without reservation.

Helped me with switch to new iMac - Home Office User - 02/21/2016
I work from my home office 50% of the time and Peter helped me set up my new iMac and migrating data from the old 8 year old iMac. He answered questions regarding security, superfluous software and apps and back-up system. He saved me money by recommending only most necessary peripheries and telling me which I did not need and could return. F.ex. my old WIFI was apparently sufficient and I returned a newly purchased one. He was very helpful, professional and with quick answers.

Peter is a miracle worker. - HappyInParkSlope - 02/05/2016
I got a new Mac. In the process of trying to migrate data from the old one, I stepped into a technological nightmare. Kafka would have been right at home. I thought I would lose my mind...wound up crying on my bed like a crazy adolescent out of pure frustration and helplessness. A kind friend did an intervention: he called Peter and sent him my way. Peter came, saw, and conquered. No fuss, no muss. He just stepped in and fixed it ALL, including a brand new but recalcitrant printer that I was told by the manufacturer would never get a wireless signal due to its location. In brief, Peter is very smart and very fast and also really gentle and kind, and he even managed to educate me a bit (not so easy :). I am now very relieved, very grateful, and very happy. I would use him again in a heartbeat and you should too.

Life is better when all your devices are working - BrooklynMom - 01/27/2016
I called the Brooklyn Tech Guy because I got a new MAC and needed help with everything: migrating data, finding lost data, coordinating all my devices, my kids devices, the Apple TV and my husbands computer, and generaly getting the data where I wanted it. Can you tell, I was feeling overwhelmed by data and all the time I was spending trying to figure out the new software changes? Additionally, after 2 hours on the phone with a MAC support agent, I was told I couldn't merge two former photo libraries. I knew this couldn't be true. I shouldn't have to click and drag thousands of photos and check myself for duplicates! Peter was prompt, pleasant and saved the day! He was not only able to merge the libraries, he found some precious "lost" home movies (that again, the MAC support agent couldn't find) and he fixed all those little problems coordinating devices, which were annoyingly difficult for me to troubleshoot, but were solved in a literal click by him. Well worth the money. Left me with all devices in sync and with thoughts of how best to plan my data management for the future. I highly recommend Brooklyn Tech Guy.

Fast, resourceful, communicative - Anna - 12/01/2015
Peter is amazing! In addition to perfectly executing the job of fixing our home network, he was fast, resourceful, communicative, and respectful. I won't hesitate to contact him again for other tech-related questions I have. I highly recommend him!

Provided expert advice - Steve - 11/14/2015
Provided expert advice within a few hours after sending a series of questions. Sorry I can only leave 5 stars!

Wonderful Service! - Geoff - 11/13/2015
So happy that I contacted Peter to install my ram. Figuring out the screwdriver size to open my 5 year iMac become a bigger project than I anticipated. After a few trips to the hardware store and given the wrong tip size from OWC, I was ready to bail. Brooklyn Tech Guy saved me from hauling my 27" computer in an Uber and instead Peter made a house call prepared with his experience and toolkit installing the memory effortlessly. Very friendly and well worth the service! Thank you!

Really knows his stuff! - Michael - 11/06/2015
Had a 4 story brownstone with horrible wifi range. I am not a DIY guy so I found Peter on Brownstoner. He was able to reuse some wiring in the house and got a router installed on every floor and now the kids are thrilled. He was terrific to work with.....always showed up on time a really knew his stuff. He also updated / upgraded my wife and kid's computers....added more RAM, etc.
He was GREAT!!!!

Simply the Best! - Nancy K. - 10/20/2015
I've had several sessions with Peter, and I start feeling better about my computer problems the moment he arrives. Not only does he convey confidence that he will fix things--he actually delivers and makes things better than before they broke. He explains his fixes in plain English that even a computer-challenged person like me can understand, and makes lots of valuable recommendations to make my technical life run more smoothly. Now I no longer break out in a cold sweat when my computer or iPad or iPhone start to misbehave. I don't know what I would do without him. And I'm very grateful that I don't have to! I highly recommend him.

Networking of 20+ computers - Ethan F. - 10/19/2015
Peter was the best money we have spent in 2-3 years. We run a digital design studio with 20+ computers, and our printer was networked by me (as was the set up of the whole place). That being said, I am not tech-lud. I got so fed up with our printer, I took to google to fix our printer problem once and for all. Then Peter showed up. 1.5 Hours later we had the network cleaned up and the printer working like a charm (and how I never could make it work). It wasn't the printer, it was the networking and trying to print with the 20+ computers that had me thrown for a loop. I can't wait to use Peter for our other Mac problems in the future. Don't know why I didn't call sooner. But now, I have something more powerful - a guy to call on. Thanks Peter.

Worth every dollar - Gina - 10/12/2015
As Peter left my apartment, I said, "I feel like I've just crossed twelve things off my To Do list!" and texted to my daughter, " money I've spent in a long time Feels like every closet in the house plus my brain is in order!"

A Real Find - theoperadiva - 08/12/2015
I highly recommend the Brooklyn Tech Guy. Super nice, incredibly helpful and fair in his pricing estimates. He’s a real find.

Honest, helpful and knowledgeable guy - Rebecca H. - 06/25/2015
Peter was extremely helpful. Today I had a scary adware critical warning that included a number from Apple, which I called. They told me they would need to transfer me to a network specialist because my home network was "infected". The network specialists said they were from Cisco and they would fix all my problems for just under $500.00. I declined and hung up. I did some research which showed that Cisco does not provide consumer support anymore, so who knows who they were. However, further research showed that my computer may have been vulnerable during a recent download of Adobe Flash, so I updated that software as recommended by the security alert on Then I called Peter who saved me hours of work re-installing my operating system and who knows what kinds of fees by sending me to the shareware site I will definitely go to him next time I need computer help. He is an honest, helpful and knowledgeable guy.

Couldn’t be happier! - N. S. - 06/05/2015
My wife has been dealing with trouble with her Mac laptop for some time now and no one could give me a straight answer. Not only did Peter give me great advice, he responded right away! Its good to know there are still good honest people out there who are willing to help without bleeding you dry. Great honest businessman. He really knows his stuff.

Punctual, efficient, and a super nice guy - Chris H. - 05/21/2015
Peter helped patch up my aging iMac with a RAM upgrade and new backup drive, and  retrieved from an old external drive a bunch of photos and documents I thought were long gone.  He was also mindful about keeping my expenses on replacement parts within reason and walked me through a few things over the phone, thus saving me the cost of having him visit.  He's punctual, efficient, and a super nice guy.  I am never hauling a desktop computer to Manhattan for repair again!

Very Professional - KM - 05/15/2015
Showed up early even when he did not have to. Best experience ever. Was super personable and walked me through every step of his process.
Very professional, would DEFINITELY recommend for any personal or business issues. A+

GREAT IT - ACW - 03/03/2015
I was referred to Peter by a good friend. He came in and quickly assessed what we needed done. Then he got work and had the everything completed quickly and efficiently.
The experience from start to finish was a breeze. We’re very happy to have him as part of out team.

There is no one better than Peter! - Bronwyn - 02/23/2015
Peter is the absolute best when it comes to all things Mac. He has saved me countless times, not only mac-wise, but also $$-wise (because he truly cares about getting you the best deal). When he's working on something computer related at our house, he's constantly making other recommendations and giving valuable suggestions (like how to make a quick iPhoto book, or print wirelessly). I trust him entirely and couldn't live without his Mac help. And on top of all that, he's a pleasure to talk to, a dad of young kids (so he's friendly to mine as well), totally efficient, and an expert on all things Mac. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Excellent service - TM - 01/14/2015
I can highly recommend Peter, the Brooklyn Tech Guy, he was on-time and helped me with a MacBook Pro hard disk that had survived a water spill. No upselling or hustling (unlike the Apple Store and a few independent places I had made inquiries with).

Quick response, saves multiple headaches - Bryfy - 11/29/2014
Withing 2 hours Peter responded to my email, sent me a quick (and free) fix to a problem and didn't charge me. One thing's for sure, when something goes wrong in the future (and I sure as heck hope that it doesn't), Peter will be the first genius that I call!

Nice guys do finish first - N.K. - 11/22/2014
Thank you Peter! I had adware on my computer and couldn't get rid of it... One service -who sounded mighty friendly - offered to fix the problem for $180.  Peter helped me in 2 minutes by showing me a youtube video. Thank you for honesty and helpfulness!  I will go to Peter and recommend him to anyone who needs help. Nice guys do finish first.

Saved me $2k - Alex P. - 11/13/2014
Here's the note I wrote to Peter after his visit:
Hi Peter,
Great meeting you yesterday! The computer seems to be running much more smoothly now! I think you saved me $2k. Thanks! I ordered that drive you recommended, and I'll start saving up for the inevitable new computer.
Gratefully Yours, Alex
Peter arrived on time, was friendly and communicative, and really helped salvage my Mac. I'll definitely be calling him in the future for help with my post apple-care products.

Highly, highly recommended - Compound C. - 11/04/2014
Peter was very pleasant, prompt, and accommodating. His price was extremely fair, and he had a very relaxed demeanor. He helped us order the part needed and made sure it got shipped properly to our office. He also extended his help should anything else arise related to the issue or any others. Highly, highly recommended.

He saved me! - David P. - 10/23/2014
Peter really helped me out of a jam. My work computer was totally frozen with some malicious site that did so many pop ups that I could not even open my browser. I called him and told him I was in the middle of a deal and HAD to get back online. He agreed to come 2 hours later. Then he called me back 2 or 3 times asking me to try various fixes that he walked me through. One of them worked thank god and I was back online 30 minutes after our first phone call. Definitely comes highly recommended.

Really knows his way around a Mac - Ted H. - 10/22/2014
Peter is a super nice person who does his job extremely well. He’s very responsive, accomodates his customer’s needs and schedule. and he really knows his was around a Mac.

Highly recommend - Maureen M. - 10/17/2014
Terrific. Peter is very knowledgeable and quick. He doesn’t waste a moment and he has great ideas for productivity. Peter did a great job solving a range of computer, printer and wi-fi issues for me and my business. You can feel confident in using Peter’s services.

THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY SANITY - Sharon W. - 9/10/2014

Saved us countless hours of time and frustration - Corey R. - 7/16/2014
A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to switch from PCs to Mac. After we bought a Mac desktop and laptop, I contacted Peter. To help us migrate our systems and documents, set up offsite storage, configure new programs, and more. Peter came over to our place twice, and I can't tell you what a difference it's made. Every single concern we had he addressed. He worked quickly and efficiently. He explained everything and answered every question and concern. Throughout the whole process, we felt like we were in the best hands. Because we were. This was money very well spent, as he saved us countless hours of time and frustration. Really recommend him.

SIX STAR RATING - Lee B. - 7/7/2014
If I was allowed to give a one-time six star rating, BTG would get mine. Smart, professional, and incredibly helpful.

Respectful to the technologically deficient - Priya A. - 6/27/2014
Brooklyn Tech Guy (Peter) is kind, patient, and respectful to the technologically deficient (like myself). Totally professional and knowledgeable about all types of software! Thanks Peter!

capital “S” Service - Eric W. - 5/19/2014
I should start by saying that Peter is really good at what he does. Not only from a technical standpoint -- he keeps on top of all the latest developments -- but he's also a genuinely nice guy and he'll take the time to explain what he's going to do before he does it. Which is more than I can say for a lot of his "competitors." His service hearkens back to the days when doctors paid house calls -- and let's face it, isn't that what we're all yearning for? A little capital S Service?

Don't hesitate to give him a call.

This is your guy - Josh S. - 4/15/2014
Peter did a great job fixing my Mac. He knows more than any other tech guy that I have ever met. He is great at explaining complex things in a simple way and he's just as good with phone support and follow up. If you have a Mac and need help, this is your guy.

I know a handy Mac/tech guy - J. Bliss - 4/3/2014
My home network failed last week and I found the most awesome guy to come help fix it. He's so good, in fact, that I feel compelled to share him. 
If you need help with anything broken on your mac, call this guy first. Also, if you want help with other stuff like syncing data (music, photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, whatever). 
In general, if you have a tech issue you think you need help with, give him a call.  He's super nice, down to earth, explains everything really simply and makes everything seem easy.

Truly Amazing - Kim W. - 3/17/2014
My computer died this past Sunday and I called Peter at Brooklyn Tech Guy to come help me. He was truly amazing. He helped me to retrieve all my photos and work that would have been lost. He also gave such great advice about all my technology that has really helped me get organized both personally and professionally. He came and helped me in his off hours. I really can't say enough about how much Peter helped me. If you need any help with your computer, he is great.

Very impressed - Sky H. - 2/24/2014
Peter provides a much needed service in Park Slope: timely, informed, and affordable tech support and consulting. He was very thorough and I appreciated his patience in identifying and explaining the problem. His solution was spot-on and quickly resolved the issue. Very impressed.

My on-call Mac expert - Bronwyn C. - 2/13/2014
I’ve been working with Peter for a couple of years and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Besides being extremely knowledgable, efficient, and determined to figure out and fix any problems i’m aware of with my Mac, and even issues i’m not, he’s also honest, personable, available and responsive. Each time that I contact him, I hear back form him almost immediately, and not only does he always seem to be able to fit me in, but he is also incredible cognizant that time is $$ and actually suggests ways to cut my costs, like taking my computer over night so that it can run on it’s own, after he’s installed a hard drive and ram, without having to charge me for the extra hours. Feel very lucky to have found Peter as my on-call Mac expert, and feel 100% confident that you will feel just as lucky to have found him as I do. Should also mention that he’s such a nice and obviously honest guy - not to mention the father of two young children - that I don’t feel uncomfortable at all having him in to my home when it’s just me, or giving him my computer to take with him over night! He always delivers above and beyond my highest expectations.

Excellent tech specialist - Erika - 1/17/2014
We used Peter to hook up our apple TV and for some issues we were having with our mac laptop.
Peter was extremely reliable, knowledgeable, efficient, and provided top notch service. We recommend him highly.

Gets straight to business - Andres D. - 12/26/2013
Peter is a great tech consultant! He's fast, and gets straight to business. Time and money were well spent with him. I'm definitely keeping his contact information for whenever I'm having trouble again with my devices.

Basically, he ran a test so that I wasn't sharing any private information with other networks and had my calendars, emails, contacts, notes, etc. all sinced in an orderly fashion with 2 iphones, an ipad, and a macbook pro.

He also throws in helpful tips while working on solving your needs.

Peter saved my arms! - Michael B. - 12/23/2013
I'm a freelancer web developer, so when my computer dies, as it did this morning, I'm like carpenter without any tools. Or really, without any arms. I called Peter. He listened carefully to my tale of woe, asked what I had tried, and made an appointment to come by in the afternoon. He also suggested a possible fix for me to try in the interim. Well, the fix worked, and I got my arms back. Peter is a pro's pro and a standup guy.
I don't ever want any computer problems ever again, but if anything does happen, I'm calling Peter.

Knowledgable, Nice and Fair - MZS - 11/14/2013
I had problems with a new printer. Hours on the phone with Brother and Apple couldn't solve them.
Brooklyn Tech Guy solved them for me in a couple of emails.

Helpful, Professional, Prompt, and Efficient - Claudia Murdoch - 7/24/2013
Peter helped me to set up some small business essentials--a printer/scanner/fax, phone line, etc. He showed up right on time, handled the work quickly and easily, and provided a number of extremely helpful small business suggestions that are already making my life easier. He worked quickly and efficiently and his rates are very reasonable. I am putting his number on the wall of my office and booking another appointment ASAP to implement some of his other recommendations.

Brooklyn Tech Guy to the Rescue - RisaBG - 6/14/2013
I arrived from LA to discover that the internet at my mother-in-law's was out. The router was dead. While I'd located a new one at the local electronics store, I knew that I wouldn't be able to configure it with our computers. I called around and found Peter Lopez, the Brooklyn Tech Guy. He was booked up but, lo and behold, he found a way to rush over and save the day. He was both a doctor and magician, and within 1/2 hour he had swooped up the new router (having to make 2 trips to the store because the first one was broken), set it up, created a new network and got us onto the internet. He also cleaned up my desk top and gave me some excellent quick tips for my Mac. I know this is something that might be easy for many of you, but he not only did the work quickly and efficiently, he had to combat a few obstacles that would challenge your average computer user. Thanks, Peter, for coming to the rescue and for being so generous and committed in doing so. A rare thing these days. We'll call you again and again!

Highly recommend! - Courtney - 5/6/2013
Peter is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He came to our home to help extend our wireless signal and provide a solution for back-up for our computers. He was able to recommend solutions at a variety of price-points and was responsive with follow-up questions. Very efficient with his time, as well. I'd recommend Peter to anyone looking for help with their mac products.

Extremely helpful - Kat M. - 3/12/2013
Peter called me back within two hours after I'd left a message. We discussed the issues I have with my old desktop computer and if/whether/how it was worth it for me to get it up and running, retrieve the irreplaceable info, and back-up and connect it to my new Macbook. I'm hardly technically savvy and had wasted endless hours online and at B&H/J&R/Best Buy, talking with "techs" and buying useless cables, expensive external hardware, etc. NOTHING worked and NO ONE at any of these stores seemed to know what they were talking about! Peter was extremely knowledgeable, honest in his assessment, and gave me a lot of valuable information.
Problem solved! And the price was absolutely right.

Amazing - Elyse Meyerson - 2/16/2013
Peter was so incredible. He was personable and very generous with his advice, as he consulted with me on the phone only! He was honest and direct. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Highly Recommend - GCS - 1/27/2013
Peter is timely, efficient, reliable and highly knowledgeable of the Mac computer, and generous with what he knows. We have a 2007 Mac. Peter assisted us with getting it to run smoother and quicker. The Mac now has more RAM, a more reliable back up system, no outdated applications or unwanted downloads. He implemented IMAP and iCloud, syncing iCal and Address Book with a desktop, laptop and iPhone. Peter checked the connections and networks and everything "behind the scenes" and altered as necessary. He is patient and courteous and continues these attributes when you have follow up questions or emergencies.

Soothing Solutions - Martha - 1/19/2013
What a great experience! First, Peter addressed a wifi issue that we've been having. Then he gave me an overview of how to develop an organized way of using my computer. He is so calm, kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about creating and maintaining easy systems that I am inspired to do the same. I appreciate his expertise, passion, eagerness and mastery.

Great Success and Great Guy - Kelly P Sahner - 11/17/2012
Peter came over this morning and was a great help!! He set up our wireless booster and fixed our printer issue. He even provided insight into how to set up our iPad. Really great and honest guy. Totally recommend him. Do not call anyone else, he is the real deal.

Extremely Satisfied - Ireena - 10/14/2012
I was panicked that it was the end of the line for my laptop. A grey screen with a file/question mark icon left me with few options. Peter took my mac for diagnosis and repair, returning it to me looking new and running smoothly. He worked with my schedule, was patient and attentive, helping me take one step at a time toward the recovery of my machine. Very nice and down to earth guy.
Thank you so much.

Wifi Wiz - Sam H. - 9/28/2012
Peter is amazing. Fast. Courteous. Extremely competent. Before he arrived, we had a horrible time getting a strong wifi signal throughout our apartment in North Park Slope. I attempted to extend the wifi network on my own but had difficulty making two airport expresses and one airport extreme work well together. Peter was extremely fast, reconfigured our wifi, made use of a "bridge" - and we now have full bars everywhere. It's been a game changer. Thank you for the excellent service.

Highly recommend - very satisfied customer in Kensington - 9/12/2012
Peter recently did a wireless router set up in our home. In spite of a nightmarish Verizon outage that occurred while he was working, Peter labored tirelessly and for a very fair price to see the project through to completion. I see other reviewers have had an equally satisfying experience.

All-around outstanding service - Mac Classic diehard - 9/9/2012
One of my G4 hard drives was incapacitated when I used the wrong DiskDoctor on it. The situation was complicated, but Peter listened carefully to my description over the phone and then checked with DiskWarrior's customer service to see what could/should be done. Thus he was prepared when he arrived. Extremely nice guy, so helpful, so tolerant of me and my vintage system. More work is needed and I will definitely call him.

Great use of time and money! - Xanthe - 9/5/2012
As I longtime mac user, I am wary of tech consultants because they often turn out to know less than I do! This was emphatically not the case with Peter, who was knowledgeable, helpful, and made great use of the time we had together. I learned a ton and all my problems were solved.
What more could one want in a tech guy? We will definitely use Peter again.

Peter helped me with a slow computer - Jonathan - 7/19/2012
I called Peter to ask whether he could help me out with a slow computer. Instead of coming over and charging me, he gave me a few simple tips -- including doubling my computer's memory -- that solved the problem. He even sent me a link to a good vendor of Mac memory chips!
Peter did not charge me a dime. His help was free. I would gladly use him again (and pay him!). He's the real deal.

Excellent Service - RC - 6/19/2012
Peter came to my house to help me with a variety of MAC issues. He helped me a great deal and was well worth his fee. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Very helpful - Kate - 6/12/2012
We hired Peter to transfer some recovered files from an external hard drive and to help us manage files in general as well as to provide some operating tips for our new MacBook. He is very personable and professional, and explains things clearly. He definitely helped make what felt like an overwhelming project more manageable, and I highly recommend him.

He was successful - citigyz - 3/6/2012 can solve your problem. I used his services for the same problem and he was successful. He is high ratings on PSP etc.

WiFi Problem Solved - Paul - 3/2/2012
Peter is exceptionally professional with great communications skills. For a long time we were unable to extend our wifi signal throughout our home. Peter got the proper device and within a short time things were running. He is patient and persistent. I highly recommend him for all problems associated with Mac.

Park Slope finds Mac Guy! - Lillian - 2/2/2012
What a relief to have someone in the neighborhood who KNOWS Macs and loves what he does. Peter is also the nicest person to deal with and will always be there for support. Totally above and beyond.

This is your guy! - KL N. - 1/29/2012
Not only does he know his stuff - he comes with hardware that helped diagnose and solve our network problems. I had been through 2 other tech people  -both unsuccessful. Wish I had known about Peter first.  Amazingly knowledgeable and flexible in scheduling. Great follow up.

Amazing, fast, hyper efficient, bright, multitasking tech master - Joy F. - 1/14/2012
I just can't say enough about Peter Lopez, his expansive skill set or his Macside manner. He arrived 2 minutes early (for both visits) with a smile, a positive can-do attitude and raring to go. He didn't waste 30 seconds of my time. He was simultaneously setting up my new iMac, backing up and migrating files (word docs, photos, songs, apps) from my PC to the iMac, explaining how to transition to, and use, the Mac, dismantling the tangle of cords under my desk & putting them aside neatly retied..all the while synching my iPhone & iPad! He made invaluable suggestions about how to best get organized, making sure my # 1 priority of being able to get back to work immediately was met. He left after giving me a quick tutorial on how to obtain album artwork that I couldn't get from iTunes (an insider tip)... which I can't stop was the cherry on top of the cake! He is a consummate professional with an excellent customer service sensibility. He absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Peter is Fantastic! - NM S. - 10/10/2011
Peter is fantastic. I've used him a few times now and he's always professional, friendly & efficient. My first problem was a long-running problem -- I have a very large music collection (150GB+ & always growing) & my hard drive was close to running out of space. The standard Genius bar response (export iTunes to a remote drive) did not appeal to me: if the point of having a laptop is portability, why would I want a solution that would require me to carry around the laptop and another device? So I tried to rearrange the library on my own with some of my music files were on the laptop & others were in a remote drive. After about a year of doing this, itunes lost 70% of my music files -- all my music was listed in iTunes, but the actual files themselves were lost. Turns out iTunes is very particular over where the actual files live, & with all the rearranging I tried to do, I unwittingly spread the files over hundreds of folders and subfolders. It was a horrifying mess. Peter came over & reorganized all my music files first, then installed a higher capacity hard drive, and pointed me to easy backup solutions. Wouldn't you know it a few months later, my motherboard died (2006 macbook). Peter again suggested alternatives and considerations to take into account for deciding whether to go through with the repair, or whether to buy a new computer (including where to resell parts). He says it best on his website: like having your own personal Genius who also makes house calls. He's also an Apple-certified consultant, so he's got the corporate seal of approval.

Superb!!! - TM - 8/8/2011
Peter is THE guy to call. Fast, super smart, dependable, friendly and actually gives a damn to make sure that you AND your computer are happy. Shows up on time and does the job….

Did I say he is also a really nice person?

So Great - Halley - 7/10/2011
Peter is so nice and so helpful. He came to my apt. TWICE in one day, just to make sure everything was working -- one time was after 10pm! He is extremely dedicated. He even sent me a follow-up text to check up on how my internet was. He is amazing at what he does and so nice and helpful. Love him!

My Mac Revival - Clarisse - 6/24/2011
When my mac was on the brink of exhaustion, Peter brought it back to life. He went above and beyond in it’s complex restoration. I was so appreciative of the time he spent in follow-up, generously answering my questions with clarity and patience as well as giving me recommendations on how best to keep my mac functioning effectively. I highly recommend him!

Superb - MG - 5/6/2011
Peter has all of the most desirable characteristics in a computer guru. He's a clear-speaking, patient, normal guy (ie non-geeky) with worlds of expertise. I've used him twice now and both times he remedied my situation promptly, and introduced me to new tacts that I could understand and in fact did adopt. I haven't shopped around but I believe his rates must be on the low side, if for no other reason than that he has a conscience. Can't say enough good things about him...

Try Him! - JK - 5/5/2011
Just saw Peter and I am so glad I don't have to schlep to 23rd st. He handled the problem efficiently and quickly-sticking to his original estimate which I really appreciate. When he saw my ADD desktop he gave me a quick recommendation which TekServe never would have done. He's organized, really seems to like to help and has a great personality to boot.

Peter Lopez is the Mac Guy! - KN - 4/27/2011
I recently moved to Brooklyn from California. When I finally got my studio/office space furnished, cleared of boxes and set my computer up..... bang, crash and my Mac went to sleep, coma, would not wake up. After a google (on laptop), I came upon Peter Lopez, the Mac Guy. Lucky me! He helped me over the phone for temp fix and was at my door 2 days later. He found and fixed the problem with ease.
He is great to work with! Thank you, Peter!

Big help with Bootcamp and Time Capsule - Gabriella - 4/12/2011
After 2 failed attempts at setting up Windows on Bootcamp, I was hesitant try again (or set up my Time Capsule). In no time at all, Peter had my Time Capsule running and also figured our why I was having trouble with Bootcamp. He downloaded the drivers needed to run Windows on my Mac and recommended I use Parallels instead. I haven't had any problems and couldn't be happier. Peter was so helpful and nice, and gave me great advice for a fairly new Mac owner.

I would definitely recommend you give him a call - I only wish I had sooner.

Almost instantly - Patti - 4/7/2011
Peter has been a huge help via phone and email, and almost always readily available. He has been excellent with advice so that I can proceed to the next step without the anxiety I normally feel when it comes to Mac - Tech support. I look forward to meeting him in person for a home repair visit soon.

Thanks Peter… - Mickey - 4/4/2011
Emailed Peter with a question... he promptly responded with a quick reply and helped me solve my problem. He didn't even need to schedule an appointment. Lucky for me... but the next time crap REALLY hits the fan with my Mac, Peter will definitely be the guy getting my money. Thanks again.

Over the phone success! - MMW - 3/21/2011
I had a problem with a recurring "Error Report" page that prevented me from using multiple applications at the same time. When I discovered Peter's contact information on the Apple consultants' page I called him at 7:30 in the morning. Minutes later he returned my call and led me through some troubleshooting over the phone and through a quick email. My problem was solved shortly thereafter. Not to mention FREE of charge!!! Thank you Brooklyn tech guy!

Peter is the best - feetontheground - 2/9/2011
He is punctual, knowledgeable, communicative. He always responds in a timely way no matter how small the computer-related issue. I am a complete technological idiot, and would be lost without him.... I probably would have jumped out the window long ago. I completely recommend him.

Website creation - J.A. - 12/17/2010
Peter 'the Mac guy' helped me in all the process of creating the website for my business, Executive Lingua, Inc. ( I am not a 'tech' person, so I needed someone familiarized with software programs for Mac (I have both a Mac desktop and a laptop) and I couldn't be happier with the help I got from him. Peter is very knowledgeable about anything Mac and he was also easily reachable with any question I had after the website was done. He was also very patient while explaining me the process of creating the website, and even gave me some extra time and instruction for free when he could have easily charged me. On top of that, he was always very punctual, something I personally consider to be very important.
I plan to call him back the next time I need help, no doubt about it.

A total gem - Rony - 11/15/2010
I got Peter's info from someone in my neighborhood and I feel like I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. I have a store and he has helped me upgrade my system, create a network, and, has advised me over the phone, when i just had some quick questions. I feel like i have an IT Department. I am not sure what I'd do without him!

High praise for Peter - J.Cohen - 12/11/2010
High praise for Peter Lopez, the Brooklyn Tech guy. He's helped us with several Mac-related problems (wireless network not working, printer issues, streaming music from our computer to our stereo...), and fixed issues others couldn't figure out. His rates are reasonable and he's an overall nice guy.

Top Rated - Michael K. - 10/4/2010
Peter Lopez is wonderful. He's immediately responsive, unfailingly helpful, fast, efficient and nice. I now have all the necessities of life in place. I have a great dentist, great car mechanic, and great computer tech guy. I'll never move!

Awesome - Jesse - 9/29/2010
Peter is great -- he brings years of experience and the clarity of a real educator into your home to help you deal with your mac. He complements his on-site services with services from his office (repairing an old hard drive) and generous follow-up assistance by email or phone. Our family strongly recommends Peter for any of your Mac needs!
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