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Messy cables? Ugly surge protector?
Of course there is, and it's ruining the clean look of your Mac. Just drop it all in the perfect sized box and put the lid on. Easy and very functional.
Costs about $30
See what Amazon has for color options, etc…
Have you ever struggled with logging into a website?
Attempted log in too many times and then get locked out? I have and it's incredibly frustrating. This app solves all of those problems simply and very safely.
Costs about $50
Their video explains it very well.
This printer is a workhorse.
It’s fast, it’s network ready, it’s even AirPrint ready. Even the price for the replacement toner is reasonable.
Costs about $250
See what Amazon has to say…
Never have your magic mouse run out of battery power again!
This charger works when you place your mouse on it's little
USB powered platform. Just drop it there when you're not using your mouse and it charges wirelessly.
Never pay for AA batteries again.
Costs about $45
See what Amazon has to say...
Wifi everywhere!
That's what these handsome WAPs (Wireless Access Points) create. You DO NEED to wire them to your router, but the mount on the ceiling or wall looks similar to a smoke detector.
Costs about $70 each
See what Amazon has to say...
Want to make your own website, but don’t know how?
Rapidweaver will help you get there without knowing how to “code”. This website was made on Rapidweaver. Choose a template, then fill in the gaps. It's fun it's easy, and it’s affordable.
Costs about $80 for the App
Their site is a good place to start.